Welcome message from the Head of School

Dear visitor,

I am delighted to welcome you to Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill, a modern, bilingual, progressive and dynamic school where innovation and care provide the foundation on which we build a path to excellence for every student.

As the founding Head, I feel a deep sense of pride and achievement every day as I see our students running to school in the morning with smiles on their faces.

The joyful atmosphere, the level of dedication of the staff, the engagement of the Parents' Association, and the commitment of the Governors to support the growth of the school, all this makes my working life a privilege.

It has only been four years since the school opened, in September 2015, and we have come an extraordinarily long way in a very short time. The shared understanding of our ethos and identity has allowed a strong sense of fulfilment, ownership, and community which permeates all aspects of the school's life.

And it works! Our school is a busy place where students thrive academically and emotionally. Their success rate reached a perfect 100% last year, our graduates moved on to prestigious universities in the UK and internationally. With our new English International Program leading to the IB Diploma programme in Y12 and 13, we welcome students from every part of the world and any language and cultural background.

In the name of the whole community, I invite you to come and visit us very soon.

I look forward to introducing you and your family to our community.

Mireille Rabaté

Head of School