Official Reports

CIS REPORT (Council of International Schools)

We have been awarded CIS Membership following a rigorous self-evaluation process which culminated in September with an appraisal visit by a CIS Officer. Being a member of this network of highly reputable international schools in such a short time is quite an achievement.

" The school is a learning and listening school where everyone matters and is encouraged to extend themselves and achieve their best. The community is a collaborative one where teamwork prevails and responsibility and accountability are shared. Students are happy, self-confident and proud of their school. Their academic, health, social and emotional well-being is at the forefront of planning and rigorous Policies and Procedures are in place and consistently followed to ensure this is sustained."

Extract of CIS report, November 2017

Please find HERE the Outcome Letter along with feedback excerpts from the CIS report which includes commendations and recommendations and the general conclusions.

The full report is available here.


Sixth form provision report: GOOD

“Inspection evidence confirms that students are making good progress across the subjects and that they are well on track to succeed in their French Baccalaureate final examinations. This is because the quality of teaching is good and students work diligently because they are determined to succeed.”

“Students have high aspirations for the future. They have attended open days at universities, including Oxbridge, and many are applying for a range of top universities around the world. They are well on track to leave the school well prepared to achieve their goals.”

Extract of Ofsted report, February 2017