Modern Learning

What is Modern Learning?

Modern education puts each student’s learning first.

In a world of profound and rapid change, education cannot stand still. We endeavour to prepare students who will be adults in the middle of the 21st century. They will have to face new situations, filter a sea of unchecked information, and solve yet-unknown problems. The skills and abilities we develop in children must evolve too: a capacity to adjust in a fluid environment, a creative mind that can confidently develop solutions to new problems, a critical ability to examine information, and an understanding of other cultures will be paramount.



Research in neuroscience and education shows there are almost as many learning styles as there are individuals. Education needs to be centered around the student’s learning experience.

For all these reasons, we have chosen to implement progressively the use of tablets to support our students and help them develop 21st-century skills. Digital devices complement — not replace—traditional pedagogy and provide a versatile means to differentiate the learning experience and encourage creativity and collaboration.

By making the best use of digital tools alongside other teaching practices, our school continues to develop innovative and unique teaching methods. It is our responsibility not only to give our students the tools to make sense of the world around them, but also to be able to master them so that they are best prepared to find their place in the world of tomorrow, actively and responsibly.

Progressive use of Technology

In the Primary School Year 5/CM1 and Year 6/CM2 students have access to iPads to enhance lessons and academic activities under teacher’s supervision only. In the Secondary School all students are loaned an iPad for the academic year to be used for coursework both in and outside school. The digital device and its contents remain the property of the school.

We believe that digital tablets are a powerful educational tool which the School provides for academic purposes only. Internet etiquette and digital citizenship are integral parts of our curriculum from age 5. The school has clear and strict guidelines as to what sort of material is allowed on the school-owned digital device.

Game applications on a digital device are not authorised. Students may only use their iPads for personal use during lunchtime (between 12.05pm and 1.15pm) and only in the student lounge.

Applications are used progressively on the tablets according to the age of the students, discover our Progressive Use of Technology chart below. We also work hand in hand with our partner Common Sense to teach our students Digital Citizenship- they learn how to use technology and the internet responsibly and safely, they are taught to think critically and become smart users.

Working together

All students and their parents are required to read and sign the our iPad User Guidelines and Agreement that they receive before the start of the school year, along with the School Rules. At the beginning of the academic year, parents are invited to an iPad induction course (goals and responsibilities, setting up a specific Apple ID, parental controls, etc.) ; only upon completion of the course, is a school iPad provided to them for their child.

The school is protected by Sophos security software which is specifically designed for education and only permits Google Safe Search which adds an extra level of protection.. Student internet access on school premises is submitted to the rigorous control of policies that allow or block certain categories of websites.

Additional IT assistance is offered every Wednesday morning to parents with our IT Manager.