Service Learning & Linguistic Trips

Beyond the classroom

We offer our Secondary students the chance to learn in the real world, in particular through local or global community service. Through this ambitious programme we want them to develop a sense of reality, open mindedness, and sensitivity to the challenges of our times.

Service Learning Trips/Travel Programme

Since October 2018, three dozen of our Year 12/Première students have gotten to participate in service learning trips abroad. Students undergo a rigorous application and selection process and then a course of preparation including cultural awareness. In recent years, they have traveled to Laos and Nepal, where they lived in remote villages and stayed with local families in conditions much more challenging that the ones we enjoy in Britain. Under the umbrella of highly reputable humanitarian organisations and the supervision of our volunteer teachers, they actively participated in construction and local development projects, lived the life of the villagers, and learned about themselves in the process.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

The international Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is the world’s leading youth achievement award, bringing together practical experiences, life skills, and fun. It operates in more than 140 countries and has encouraged more than 8 million young people to improve their skills, service, and physical recreation, as well as to complete adventurous journeys. Universities and employers look favourably on Bronze, Silver, or Gold International Awards because they demonstrate a student’s commitment to goal-setting and achievement.

The first three sections in the Duke Of Edinburgh’s Award are already part of a Lycée Winston Churchill education and our students love outdoor activities, so it made perfect sense to combine the LIL after-school programme and the Duke Of Edinburgh’s Award to add coherence and further opportunities to our non-academic programme.

Linguistic Trips

Our Secondary students learn a third language from German, Spanish, and Mandarin. We organise trips overseas so that they may practice in real life what they have learned in the classroom. These total immersion voyages allow them to grasp the culture behind the language they have chosen to study and help motivate them on their path to learning.  In recent years, our students have travelled to China, Germany, Austria, Italy, and Spain.