We want our students to express their individuality at school through their participation in the school’s life and their academic achievements in an environment where the emphasis is on pride in the school community. We have chosen a gender-neutral/universal dress code for all students which offers good value and a smart look in comfortable clothes, and reflects our identity and promotes equality and inclusiveness.

  • Clothing with the school logo must be purchased from our online provider Stevensons
  • The jumper with the school logo is mandatory and required every day.
  • The non-logo white shirt/polo, trousers, and black shoes or trainers (black with black soles) can be purchased from any clothing store.
  • On formal occasions e.g. field trips, assemblies, visits of dignitaries, class picture, school picture, etc., we may require students to wear a white collared shirt and a necktie provided by the school.
  • Jeans or denim jackets, navy slim trousers, and leggings are not allowed at school.

The dress code is an integral part of our Code of Conduct.

  • Secondary students who do not comply with the Dress Code will be sent home to change before returning to school.
  • Students in Year 7 and 8 who do not have permission to return home alone will be supervised in Vie Scolaire until they are brought the appropriate Dress Code.

Please click here to view Stevensons’ sizing guide and online store.

Dress Code Details

  • Smart navy trousers
  • Navy skirt, with black or navy trousers
  • Smart navy Bermuda shorts

This clothing can be bought from any shop

  • Plain white collared shirt or polo
    • Short or long sleeved
    • No brand or logo
    • Can be bought from any shop


  • Jumper with school logo
    • Choice of four colours: burgundy, blue, orange or yellow
    • Must be bought from Stevensons


  • Winter coat or summer jacket with school logo


  • Varsity jacket which is burgundy and grey with school logo


  • Plain black shoes with black soles
    • Shoes or trainers
    • No logos or brands
    • Can be bought from any shop


  • Wellies
  • All-in-one rain suit

These can be bought from any shop

Optional items:

  • Navy joggers or tracksuit pants
    • No logo or brand
    • These can be bought from any shop
  • Navy sweatshirt with school logo




Students must only wear their full PE kit and sports trainers on the day they participate in PE class.

Please note that students do not have access to any changing rooms on the school campus



  • Navy joggers or shorts, can be bought from any shop


  • T-shirt with school logo
  • Hoodie with school logo

These must be bought from Stevensons


  • Sports trainers, can be bought from any shop