Upper Secondary Curriculum

The Lycée International de Londres follows the French national curriculum, and offers it in a bilingual setting with the goal that our students will master both languages and cultures with equal fluency and ease. From Year 11 to Year 13, our students will continue to train their minds to think in two languages from Literature to Science to Maths and Arts, acquiring a fluency not only in the use of the languages but also in the understanding of different approaches to problem solving and the influence of different cultures on the way we think.

Our staff teach in their own native language, bringing along the specific educational culture of their country as part of the learning experience for our students.

As part of the Baccalaureate elective classes, students can choose from an array of modern fields such as Biotechnologies, Engineering, Design and Technological Innovation, as well as more traditional options like Performing Arts.

Elective Classes, such as the Discovery Classes meant to further students’ curiosity and joy of learning, and to go beyond the curriculum are offered twice a week in either language. They may be offered in the last period of the scheduled day.

After 4pm, a programme of extra-curricular sporting and cultural activities is offered until 5.30pm for an additional fee.