Welcome to the Students Government page!

Students at LIL are encouraged to create new opportunities and lead initiatives to enrich the life of every student and give everyone a voice.

The Students Government is an active part of the school life for all students in the Secondary Section. Over the past years, we have worked on many projects, such as the now renown winter ball, a party with more than 200 participants in January 2020.

Every year, we organise the ‘Winter Ball” or “Bal d’Hiver” for the lycée students. For it to be successful, we have to organise and start preparing it a few weeks in advance. Indeed, it takes some time to try and convince as many students to come, organising the DJ & band and ordering food & drinks. We started working on the ball about 2 weeks beforehand; we set up a stand in the main hall of the school to sell tickets and put up posters indicating when the ball is and the price. The Jan 2020 Winter ball was the most successful since the school was founded in 2015. Over 200 students came to the dance, and all had great and positive feedback. 

For Halloween, students come in disguises to share their creative spirit, adapting to sanitary restrictions. We managed to reopen the cafeteria for Halloween 2020 to which students are very attached, and we organized a movie night on the council chamber big screen showing “The Joker”, with more than 60 students enjoying a moment that they have been waiting for since leisure places were closed. 

Covid has been a real challenge for us but we continue working together, stronger than ever, to accomplish our mission of supporting the secondary students. 

We understand how hard it has been for students to stay positive during the pandemic, and while the school makes sure we work in the best conditions possible, we are here to keep the school life running smoothly. When schools closed down, we used our online presence to entertain students, giving them cooking recipes and workouts to make sure that they are taking care of themselves. 

With the school reopened, we are planning on doing much more! If you are a LiL Student follow us at @lilstudents on instagram not to miss anything. Remember that you have your word in what we do, so leave us your suggestions and ideas.

We thank you for trusting us as we can’t wait to see you all.

List of the committees currently active. All new ideas are welcome!

  • LIL Charity

  • Green Committee

  • Cinema Committee

  • Sports Committee

  • Diversity Committee

  • Techno Committee

  • Yearbook Committee

  • Terminales Prom Committee

  • Peer to Peer Counselling programme

  • Peer to Peer Tutoring programme

  • Friendship Buddies

  • Cinema Committee