Student Career Services

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The Career Services Team at Lycée Winston Churchill supports and motivates all secondary school students — in both the  French Baccalauréat (Bac) and International Baccalaureate Diploma (IBDP) programmes — to shape their applications to top universities around the world and to consider their career goals beyond the Lycée.

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Meet our team

11 degrees (masters and bachelors) earned in the UK, France, the US, Canada, Ireland, and the Netherlands. 
8 cultural backgrounds: British, French, American, Spanish, Italian, German, Greek, and Dutch. 
6 sectors of professional experience: Law, Business Management, Education, Drama, Psychology and Real Estate.

Danielle RAYMOND, Head of Career Services, Senior Leadership Team Member

Roxanne TURK, Careers Counsellor & Drama Therapist

Stephanie MUSSI, Career Services Team Assistant

And our academic team members:

John FEEHAN, Oxbridge Specialist, English & Drama Teacher, CIS Coordinator

Maaike KAANDORP, Netherlands Specialist, Humanities Teacher, IB Diploma Programme Coordinator

Phone 0203 824 4922 or email
“We help our students realise how good they really are!”lil careers team

Presentations and events throughout the year

The Careers Team offers a range of presentations and events to our students and parents all through the academic year, including: 

Leap courses for high-achieving students

Starting in  the second term of Year 11/Seconde, high-achieving students intending to apply for the most competitive courses and universities have the opportunity to join the Lycee’s Leap Programme. This will prepare them thoroughly for entrance exams or interviews they may have in Year 13/Terminale.

Beginning in the autumn term of Year 12/Première, students can specialise in one or two subjects, with up to two hours per week of extra lessons. We do not charge additional fees for these classes. Leap courses are offered in all mainstream subjects, such as politics, history, economics, mathematics, physics, biology, and chemistry, but should a student express an interest in a specialised topic, we can also support their interest; for instance, we ran a course in anthropology in the recent past. The Leap Programme runs until the Toussaint holiday of Year 13/Terminale (November 1), around which time most entrance exams take place.

Parental feedback on our career services

“We wanted to thank you for your strong and efficient work and tell you how impressed we are by the quality of your work, your implication, your flexibility and all things you bring to this School. Congratulations!”C.L. parent Terminale - Class of 2019
“The crème de la crème.”N.C. parent Terminale - Class of 2020
“Thank you for the amazing job you are doing along the year and especially now. As a parent I am particularly grateful for your support, your availability and your incredible help in this year of Terminale. We would have been lost without you!!”M.P. parent Terminale - Class of 2020
“Wonderful team and ethos - a great asset for the Lycée and so helpful to students and parents.”F.B. parent Terminale - Class of 2020
“There aren’t many schools in France which provide such support...” O.V. PARENT 1ère  - Class of 2019
“What would we have done without you? Thanks for your unwavering support. Our daughter has a brighter future thanks to you!” V. P. PARENT Terminale - Class of 2018
“Thank you for your full commitment to the success of our children!”N.D. parent Terminale - Class of 2020
“We wanted to thank you enormously for this very useful 'University Application Preparation (UAP) Week' you organised. Thank you for caring for our kids' future uni application and preparing them the best you can for their future endeavours. Your attention and organisation helped my child feel aware and confident about what he should do next, and the importance of starting early, so we are sure he will reap the benefits of that!”e.G. parent Terminale - Class of 2021