Early Years Programme and Primary Curriculum

Bilingual education in Early Years and Primary

A French-English curriculum with activities in both languages every day.


Two languages, all day, simultaneously.

The path we choose

The French curriculum is divided between two class teachers. Instruction is in English 50% of the time from Year 1/GSM to Year 6/CM2 . Each class year meets daily with one French-speaking and one English-speaking teacher, coordinating as well with speciality teachers in subjects such as PE, language, and music.

Bilingual curriculum, international education

Our school has developed a unique, shared pedagogy that encompasses statutory elements of both the French and English curriculums. Pupils benefit from an education in French and in English, thanks to two teachers who work in close partnership.

The bilingual curriculum is enhanced by creating links between topics and by dividing subjects between two teachers with common themes. This is further enhanced by different teaching methods and practices from all over the world, which address critical thinking, collaboration, and risk-taking.

We also benefit from specialist teachers with a background in EAL and FLE (English as an additional language and French as an additional language) to support beginners in either.

In September 2020, we will open our Early Years Programme, for 3- and 4-year-olds.



Modern learning in Primary

Modern learning is defined by the way we engage students through differentiated and challenging activities.

In the Primary section, we employ technology to enhance learning. Pupils sometimes use iPads in class to access resources or to showcase their work and comprhension through visually attractive presentations. Technology integration allows teachers to differentiate their instruction more effectively and lets pupils work at their own pace and collaborate on projects. 

The use of technology as a tool empowers pupils to become digital citizens, engaging them in 21st-century skills to enhance their learning. Technology is always used under the supervision of teachers.

For more information on how technology is used to enhance education progressively and securely at Lycée Winston Churchill, read about it here.