LIL Online

Lycée International de Londres Online is a new way for students and families to join the school remotely

My wish is that we design the future of learning. We don’t want to be spare parts for a great human computer.” — Sugata Mitra

Are you drawn to our school but have a child or children unable to attend in person? Perhaps you live in a remote area or are looking for a quality international education that doesn’t exist near you? Maybe you have chosen homeschooling? Whatever the reason, we understand your needs and values, and have created an alternative way to attend Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill remotely that is as rigorous and engaging as being physically present.

Following our exceptionally successful experience with distance learning during the spring 2020 COVID-19 situation (read here the testimonials from our parents), we now feature an online-only programme for homeschooled students and those unable to attend campus in person. This comprehensive bilingual curriculum, offered by videoconferencing and live online classes, is specifically designed for remote students and for families seeking a more structured and communal at-home learning experience. It’s also a boon to families transitioning between work assignments, who can now be a part of the Lycée Churchill community before or after they live in London.

Now available for children aged 11 (Year 7/ 6ème) and above, in both the English International and the Bac Français programmes, the new LIL Online will match exactly the course of study followed by on-campus students, with daily, live interactive classes on a regular schedule, delivered over the internet by our expert faculty. Participating students will be able to join a vibrant and international community, become part of classrooms “in the cloud”, make new friends, and enjoy the virtual presence of classmates and teachers — all while receiving a top-notch bilingual education from home.

For families who choose homeschooling, LIL Online offers an enhanced educational opportunity where instruction is enlivened by highly trained and emotionally supportive teachers and staff following rigorous international standards. Equally important, the programme includes vital services and components of school culture that are difficult to replicate at home: Extensive wellbeing support, career and university counseling, social interaction, and a deep sense of community and shared experience — even including online school assemblies, birthday parties, and events for parents.

LIL Online builds on Lycée Churchill’s lauded response to the COVID-19 lockdown. Unlike at many schools, our ongoing teaching and pastoral care during the pandemic demonstrated the agility and resourcefulness of our expert staff, our embrace of digital culture, and the strength of our proven technological foundation. Extending this platform to students unable to attend school in person is a natural step that opens the doors of our community to new families around the world.

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For any questions or more information, please contact or phone Elodie & Harry on 020 3824 4906

Please note that the opening of LIL Online class groups will depend on registration numbers for 2020-2021, and all grade levels may not be available this school year.