School Fees & Financial Aid



Financial Aid

Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill is an independent school serving students from the ages of 3 to 18 and an independently funded non-profit charity. As such, we do not receive any subsidies from the French, British, or any other governments. Our school fees support the daily operation of the school and pay for our teacher and staff salaries, equipment, and academic resources, as well as the upkeep of our campus. All profits are fully reinvested to further improve the learning experience for our students. 

The school provides additional financial aid to complement both the “Bourses Scolaires” and the French Scholarship Foundation. This provision fully aligns with our mission and values to promote inclusion and access to independent education. Our financial aid scheme has been carefully designed to assist our current community, whilst welcoming new students from a more diverse pool of families.

Bursary Schemes


For French citizens who are eligible for the "Bourses Scolaires" from AEFE. Since the opening of the School, our families have been subject to a cap on financial aid offered by the AEFE's "Bourses Scolaires" and we have been working diligently with the French authorities to improve the situation for our families seeking financial assistance. We offer a financial aid scheme for students benefiling from the Bourses Scolaires. The school will automatically provide additional, proportionate funds to complement the amount received from the AEFE. Students who receive 100% "Bourses Scolaires" will have no fees to pay. Students who receive 80% "Bourses Scolaires" will be responsible for 20% of the full LIL fees. Students who receive 15% "Bourses Scolaires" will be responsible for 85% of the full LIL fees.


FSF is an independent charity which offers financial assistance to families with pupils at Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill and Collège Français Bilingue de Londres (CFBL). Having recently benefited from a kind donation, FSF can now broaden its actions to help pupils continue their education at those schools.

We hope this contribution will encourage many to make a donation on the FSF website: www.fsfoundation.org.uk/how-you-can-help/. Your gift, regardless of the amount, will enable other families to give their children access to quality education. Families from both schools with financial needs may submit an online application at the following address: www.fsfoundation.org.uk/how-to-apply/. The Foundation handles all applications in an impartial and confidential manner. Please check the financial assistance policy on the FSF website.