My son is extremely happy at LIL and the teaching is excellent. Over and above the exceptionally high standards of the school, I have found the staff at LIL to be very understanding and supportive. Staff go above and beyond for students. It truly is a superb learning environment and I hope it continues to flourish. I am truly grateful for all that the Lycee Winston Churchill has offered my children.

David, parent in Year 12

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Our Programmes

Early Years Foundation Stage

At Lycée Churchill, students benefit from our unique Early Years dual language immersion programme from the age of three, guided by two teachers who each use their native language alongside each other. This setting creates the ideal conditions for bilingualism to flourish naturally in a safe and nurturing environment with a ratio of 1 adult for 8 students, including two qualified teachers. Within a short period of time, children will effortlessly switch from one language to the other with each teacher and acquire the culture and love of each language.

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Bilingual Primary Curriculum

Our school has developed a unique, shared pedagogy that encompasses statutory elements of both the French and English curriculums. Pupils benefit from an education in French and in English, thanks to two teachers who work in close partnership. The bilingual curriculum is enhanced by creating links between topics and by dividing subjects between two teachers with common themes. This is further enhanced by different teaching methods and practices from all over the world, which address critical thinking, collaboration, and risk-taking.

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Bac Français Bilingue & Bac Français International

6e-2nde (Y7-11): Bac Français Bilingue. This curriculum is unique to our school. It enhances the French National curriculum by incorporating more hours of English.
1ère-Tle (Y12-13): Bac Français. Alternatively, students can choose the BFI.

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IB Diploma Programme

Years 7-11: English International Programme. Our home-grown version of the MYP.

Years 12-13: IB Diploma Programme

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