Tuition and Fees

Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill is a private school and an independently funded non-profit charity, as such we do not receive any subsidies from the French or British governments. All fees support the daily operation of the school, to pay for our teachers and staff salaries, equipment and academic resources and the upkeep of our campus. All profits are entirely reinvested to further improve the learning experience in our school.

Please note, our fees are inclusive of a healthy daily cooked lunch for all students.

2017- 2018 school fees are as follows:

      • Maternelle: £11,360 / year
      • Primaire: £10,610 / year
      • Collège: £10,610 / year
      • Lycée: £11,360 / year

2018- 2019 school fees will be as follows:

1. Bac Français Bilingue Programme (leading to French national baccalauréat diploma)

      • Grande section/ Year 1: £12,270 / year
      • Primaire/Primary: £11,460 / year
      • Collège/ Lower Secondary: £11,460 / year
      • Lycée/ Upper Secondary: £12,270 / year

2. English International Programme (leading to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme)

      • Collège/ Lower Secondary Y7 to Y9: £18,000 / year

The school year is divided into three accounting terms:

      • The first term covers September to December
      • The second term covers January to March
      • The third term covers April to June.

Our fees are inclusive of a healthy daily cooked lunch for all students. Primary students receive all classroom consumables (e.g. textbooks, notebooks, etc.). Secondary students are provided with an individual school tablet device including all software/apps needed for our academic program.

Please note that:

There is a non-refundable £100 pre-registration fee per pupil.
If you are offered a place, you will receive an email explaining in detail the acceptance procedure and the Terms and Conditions. A first registration fee of £1,250 per pupil, as well as an advance payment of £1,000 on the first term fees, must be paid to secure the place. These fees are non-refundable.

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