Student Registration

We are delighted you are interested in your child joining our school! Further down on this page you will find our complete application procedure. To start registering your child(ren) click on the Register 2018-2019 button at the top of this page.

Pre-registrations are now open for 2018-2019!

For any questions please email our Admissions Office directly: or phone us at +44 (0) 20 3824 4906.


Admission Procedure

For the 2018-2019 school year Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill will offer places for all year groups from Years 1 to Year 13 (Terminale). Registration for the 2018-2019 school year will open on Monday 27 November.

2018-2019 Application for Pre-registration

Please click here to read the School’s Admissions Policy
Please click here to read our Data Protection Policy for pupils

To read our Terms and Conditions, click here

The pre-registration fee of £100 per student is non-refundable and necessary to validate the application .

Registration Calendar for Entry in September 2018
  • Monday 27 November : Online pre-registration opens for new students
  • Monday 29 January : Closing date for pre-registration applications (all year groups) of the first Admissions Committee
  • Friday 2 February : Decisions of the Admissions Committee for all year groups emailed to parents

If you are offered a place after the February 2 Committee, you will receive an email explaining in detail the acceptance procedure and the Terms and Conditions. A non-refundable first registration fee of £1,250 per pupil as well as an £ 1,000 advance payment on the first term fees must be paid to secure the place.

It is important that families accept the offer within the deadline set out in the offer email. Failure to do so will result in that place being offered to another pupil.

If you are not offered a place, unless you decide to cancel your pre-registration, it will automatically be kept and you will stay on our waiting list. We will re-affect all spaces available and contact the families accordingly.

After Friday 2 February, pre-registrations will remain open. If places become available, the school will continue to make offers in all year groups until every place is allocated.

Existing Students re-enrolment

Please note, for existing students, the online re-enrolment will open from Monday 11 December 2017 to Thursday 25 January 2018. The admissions office will send the registration links to families via email.

More questions? You can email our Admissions Office directly here: