Financial Support

The French Scholarship Foundation (FSF) offers financial assistance to families with pupils at Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill and Collège Français Bilingue de Londres (CFBL). Having recently benefited from a kind donation, FSF can now broaden its actions to help pupils continue their education at those schools.

We hope this contribution will encourage many to make a donation on the FSF website: Your gift, regardless of the amount, will enable other families to give their children access to quality education.

Families from both schools with financial needs may submit an online application at the following address:

The Foundation handles all applications in an impartial and confidential manner. Please check the financial assistance policy on the FSF website.




In 2016, Hermès created a limited edition silk scarf to raise funds for the French Scholarship Foundation. The proceeds from the sale helped children from CFBL and Lycée Winston Churchill whose families were enduring financial hardship. The scarves were available at Hermès stores in London as well as online, but they are currently unavailable.

Amazon Partnership

The school has partnered with Amazon to help support our Weblibrary (Webliothèque). It’s simple and won’t cost you anything: Just use the links below and a percentage of the total sales will be credited to our account to help maintain and grow our collections.

Amazon UK:

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