Dress Code

Uniforms and community at Winston Churchill

We want our pupils to express their individuality at school through personality and academic achievements in an environment where the emphasis is on pride in the school community. We have therefore implemented a gender-neutral dress code for all pupils that reflects our identity and promotes equality.

Please note that only crested schoolwear will now be allowed for jumpers and jackets. No other jumper or outer layer other than those offered in the table below will be permitted.

The V-neck pullover is compulsory for Primary students. Secondary students can choose among the options offered in the table below.

Only smart dark leather shoes (black or dark blue) or black leather trainers with black soles are allowed. Other trainers are no longer permitted.

Denim (jeans) trousers or jackets, navy slim trousers, or leggings are not allowed at school.


Mandatory dress code

  Early Years





(Navy colour only)

Navy joggers


-Navy smart trousers,

-Smart bermudas (in summer) 

-Skirt (under skirts, only black, navy or plain white tights are permitted).

 -Navy smart trousers,

 -Smart bermudas (in summer)

 -Skirt (under skirts, only   black, navy or plain white   tights are permitted).

Of your choice


(Plain white)

White polo shirt, with buttons, long or short sleeves 

-White plain and without logo collared shirt

-Polo shirt, with buttons, long or short sleeves

 -White plain and without   logo collared shirt

 -Polo shirt, with buttons,   long or short sleeves

Of your choice

Top with logo


Navy jumper with white school logo


School crested v-neck jumper with school logo (in any of the 4 available colours).

Price £20.50


Varsity burgundy and grey jacket with school logo. Price £18

 School crested v-neck   jumper with school logo   (in any of the 4 available   colours). Price £20.50







Only from Stevensons






Navy Blue coat, with logo


Reversible navy blue coat with school logo. Price from £38


All in one Rain-suite 


Varsity Jacket


Reversible navy blue coat with school logo. Price from £38

 Reversible navy blue coat   with school logo. Price   from £45 for lycée.

From Stevensons 

Black shoes only

 Smart black leather   shoe

 Black leather trainers.   Black soles ONLY.

 Smart black leather   shoe

 Black leather trainers.   Black soles ONLY.

 Smart black leather shoe

 Black leather trainers.   Black soles ONLY.

Of your choice

 Please click  here to view Stevensons' sizing guide

On dressy occasions (field trips, assemblies, visit of dignitaries), we require pupils to wear the school tie, which is provided by the school.


Mandatory PE kit

PE kit items are available for online order from Stevensons. T-shirts cost £12 to £16 and hoodies cost £20 to£25.

Warning: In Secondary, sports hoodies must be worn for sports only, they will no longer be allowed in class.

Only Primary students will be authorised to wear their sportswear at school if they have sports that day.

Respecting the dress code

Should the Dress Code not be respected, Secondary students will be sent home to change clothes and then return to school.

Students in Year 7 and 8 who do not have permission to return home alone will be supervised in Vie Scolaire until they are brought the appropriate clothes.