Student Wellbeing

Pastoral care and emotional intelligence

We believe that intellectual and emotional development go hand-in-hand for our children, which is why we endeavour to provide help and support whenever needed.

Meet Our Wellbeing & Learning Support Team

The team consists of specialists who manage our social and emotional learning programme and teach age-appropriate classes to students in small and large groups on topics such as nutrition, healthy relationships, respect, and stress management. Team members also help students understand and navigate challenging moments in life by providing individual support when needed.

Our onsite Head of Student Wellbeing and Learning Support can also provide families with external resources in the event of recurring issues, and offers lectures and discussion groups for parents.

Collette Shulver


Colette is Head of Student Wellbeing and Learning Support Service. She supports individual pupils’ progress and the school’s community in the pursuit of excellence.

Valérie Lesage


Valérie is the School Nurse. She is passionate about health education and working with children and families in our international community.

Andrea Nakhle


Andrea is responsible for our Learning Support Service. Her goal is to continuously adapt and adjust learning strategies to help students manage challenges with character, resilience, openness, creativity, and honesty.

Dogtor George

George joined the Animals as Therapy programme and passed his exams with brio in 2020. He works under the direct supervision of personnel qualified to help with classes or therapy sessions when needed for our animal therapy programme. He collaborates with colleagues during training weeks on diversity awareness, bullying prevention, and mental health.