OFSTED REPORT (March 2019)

Sixth form provision: OUTSTANDING
Personal development, behaviour and welfare: OUTSTANDING
The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is outstanding. Pupils’ positive attitudes to learning are central to the school’s work and its upbeat, stimulating ethos. Pupils respond especially well to their teachers and the wide range of opportunities to learn. The constructive relationships between pupils and teachers mean that there is a strong climate for learning. Pupils are aspirational and highly motivated, and this makes a strong contribution to their achievements.’
‘Outcomes for sixth-form students are excellent. Since the school was opened three and half years ago, students’ progress has continued to rise. In the 2018 Baccalauréat, 98.5% of students passed the examination, and 31% achieved the highest grade.’


‘Sixth-form students are prepared extremely well for the next stage of their careers. Careers advice, information and guidance are especially strong, and students value the support they get. Students were keen to tell inspectors of the high-quality support they receive to help to complete their university application forms. This is reflected in the very high proportion of students who go on to university. In 2018, for example, 99% of students were accepted at a university of their choice. All students moved on to university, except one who gained employment.’

Extract of Ofsted report, March 2019

RAPPORT CIS (Council of International Schools)

Nous venons de recevoir le statut d'école membre de la part de CIS. C'est à l'issue d'une longue et méticuleuse procédure d'auto-évaluation, suivie de la visite de contrôle d'un représentant de CIS que nous avons obtenu ce statut. C'est un succès dont nous pouvons être fiers car il nous fait entrer de plain pied dans un réseau d'écoles internationales de prestige.

"The school is a learning and listening school where everyone matters and is encouraged to extend themselves and achieve their best. The community is a collaborative one where teamwork prevails and responsibility and accountability are shared. Students are happy, self-confident and proud of their school. Their academic, health, social and emotional well-being is at the forefront of planning and rigorous Policies and Procedures are in place and consistently followed to ensure this is sustained." Extrait du rapport CIS, novembre 2017

Vous trouverez ICI la lettre de CIS accompagnée d'extraits du rapport mentionnant les points forts de notre école, les axes de progrès proposés, ainsi que les conclusions générales.

La totalité du rapport est disponible ici.