Service carrières et orientation

Notre équipe d'orientation offre à nos élèves un accompagnement positif, confidentiel, accessible, impartial et sur-mesure.

Danielle Raymond

Head of Career Services and Senior Leadership Team Member

Notre responsable du service d'orientation, Danielle, dirige notre équipe bilingue d'orientation qui a reçu l'appréciation de l’Ofsted. Son équipe fournit aux élèves du secondaire et à leur famille un service sur-mesure tout au long de leur parcours les aidant à atteindre leurs objectifs d'enseignement supérieur. Nos élèves intègrent les meilleures universités du monde entier et poursuivent d'excellentes études supérieures avant d'entamer de fructueuses carrières.

Our role in Careers goes way beyond just helping with applications because applying to university is a marathon, not a sprint. Having each of our students be their strongest selves, starts early, requires careful planning, strong communication, time and individualised care. Personal attention is given to each student so they can prepare, craft and excel at time of application.”

As a Careers Department our role is to encourage, support, advise and guide each student along their secondary journey.  to ensure they are developing not only academically and making the right choices of courses for their futures but also as a well rounded individual and member of the broader community.

Notre équipe Orientation

Notre équipe d'orientation est toujours à la disposition des élèves et offre à chacun un accompagnement positif, confidentiel, impartial et sur-mesure particulièrement apprécié des élèves et des familles.


(Extract of Ofsted report, March 2019)

Sixth-form students are prepared extremely well for the next stage of their careers. Careers advice, information and guidance are especially strong, and students value the support they get. Students were keen to tell inspectors of the high-quality support they receive to help to complete their university application forms. This is reflected in the very high proportion of students who go on to university. In 2018, for example, 99% of students were accepted at a university of their choice. All students moved on to university, except one who gained employment.