After-school Programme and Sports

We currently offer over 30 after school activities which cover a variety of interests including numerous sports, theatre, dance, chess, robotics, cooking and language support clubs to name a few.

We work with prestigious partners such as Serge Betsen Rugby, First Hand Experiences, etc. And our Music Program is steadily developing.

ASP Programme for Term1 2018/2019 will run from 17 September to 7 December. Term 1 programme 2018-2019

To sign up, please go to our Community portal.


From the end of the school class day until 5.30pm every school day, families can also sign up their children for supervision or study time. Study time offers a peaceful and studious environment for those who choose it.

Homework club (Secondary) and Garderie (Primary) are structured to allow parents to have more flexibility.

10 session bundles can be purchased for 100 Pounds and may be used and topped up whenever required.


The School encourages students of all ages to participate in school teams, according to their interests and aptitudes. Regular sports practice provides an important outlet and establishes lifelong healthy habits, whichever sports they choose.

On the field, students learn to take risks, experience failure as well as success with the support of their team and coaches while being part of a group where their own unique qualities are recognised and valued. They learn how to overcome difficulties and improve through hard work.

The Lycée aims to join local leagues and events, thereby providing opportunities to interact with other local schools.