One School, Two Programmes 

From Year 7, students CHOOSE follow one of our two pathways

In both tracks, students continue to broaden and train their minds to think in two languages, from literature to arts and from science to maths, acquiring fluency not only in the use of two languages but also in the understanding of different approaches to problem solving and of the influence of different cultures on the way we think. We initiate the formal study of a third modern language in Year 7. Students will choose one from among three or four languages, depending on enrolment.

Our Secondary students choose EITHER:

International Track leading to the IB Diploma

The International Track is taught mainly in English and offers an opportunity for English speakers to join the school, or for existing students to focus on learning in English.

IB learners are encouraged to think critically and solve complex problems to drive their own learning.  IB World Schools share a common philosophy — a commitment to high-quality, challenging, and international education — that we believe is important to shaping well-rounded students.

Students enrolled in the International track need to have a high level of fluency in English.

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French Track leading to the Bac Français

The French Track is taught mainly in French, with enhanced English provision adjusted to the variety of our students’ needs.

We offer the French national curriculum as defined by the French Ministère de l’Education from Year 7 to Year 13.  Lower Secondary students prepare for the French exam, Diplôme National du Brevet (DNB).  From 1ère, students have a choice between preparing for the Baccalauréat Français or the Baccalauréat Français International (BFI).

Students enrolled in the French track need to have a high level of fluency in French.

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