Two languages, alternately.

Pupils benefit from a bilingual education with two teachers who work in close partnership.  From Year 1 (GS) to Year 6 (CM2), classes are in English 50% of the time and in French the other 50% of the time.  Each class year has one French-speaking and one English-speaking teacher, with specialty teachers in subjects such as PE, language, and music.

Our school has developed a unique, shared pedagogy that encompasses statutory elements of both the French and English curriculums.  The bilingual curriculum is enhanced by creating links between topics and by dividing subjects between two teachers with common themes. This is further enhanced by different teaching methods and practices from all over the world, which address critical thinking, collaboration, and risk-taking.

We also benefit from specialist teachers with a background in EAL and FLE (English as an additional language and French as an additional language) to support beginners in either language.

Classes start at 8:45 am every day for Primary students. The school gates open at 8:15 am for an early drop-off with supervised time.  The school day ends at 3:15 pm from Monday through Thursday and at 3 pm on Friday.  We encourage families to observe these times, thus ensuring a good and stress-free start to the day for all.

After-school activities are organised every day until 5pm for an additional fee. Onsite after school care until 6pm is also available for a fee.

Modern Learning
Example of a daily timetable
Art and Music
Physical Education
ESL — English as Second Language
FLE — Français Langue Etrangère

Watch to see how Jules became bilingual with us in just one year