French Track leading to the Bac Francais

We offer the French national curriculum as defined by the French Ministère de l’Education from Year 7 to Year 13

All students who wish to enrol in this programme must demonstrate a mastery of the French language which includes a good knowledge of written academic French.  A French aptitude test may be required for students not coming from an école homologuée before they can be registered.

6ème (Year 7) – 2nde (Year 11)

From 6ème – 2nde (Y7-11), all students follow a rigorous curriculum mostly taught in French, with enhanced English provision adjusted to the variety of our students’ needs. To further mastery of the English language, parts of the curriculum of Science and Humanities are also taught in English.

Lower Secondary students prepare for the Diplôme National du Brevet (DNB). The test assesses the knowledge and skills acquired in lower secondary school and is administered at the end of Year 10/3ème. Preparing for the Brevet provides an opportunity to start formal training for later exams such as the Bac.

For more information on the Brevet from the French Education Ministry, click here.

1ère (Year 12) - Terminale (Year 13)

From 1ère (Y12), students have a choice between preparing for the Baccalauréat Français or the Baccalauréat Français International (BFI). Both allow students to apply for and be accepted to internationally renowned universities.

Click for more information from the French Education Ministry click on:

Le baccalauréat Français

La voie générale

Le baccalauréat Français international (BFI)