Our Mission

Through a rigorous, bilingual programme and innovative methods, we educate students to become responsible, creative, and principled global citizens. We teach them to think critically and act ethically, to form and express their own opinions and respect those of others, to define their own life goals, and to make sense of and embrace change.



Each student is entitled to the best possible education according to their skills and needs, with the goal of achieving excellence in both intellectual and social endeavours. We believe that learning should be a fulfilling experience, and that school should be a place fostering joy, creative thinking, and openness. Our teaching encourages individual and collective initiatives. We want our students to think positively about themselves and recognise and value their own talents and those of others.


Learning takes many forms and is enhanced by diverse pedagogical approaches and the balanced use of technology. We encourage our educators to think and teach creatively and to use a variety of methods, from lectures to hands-on project-based sessions, and from classic books to digital resources. We expect them to develop innovative lesson plans to help each child discover their own learning style, talents, and potential. We encourage students to explore and understand the digital world and make the best use of it.


Honesty is of paramount importance in building character. We encourage students to embrace challenges and welcome hurdles in every part of their lives while being truthful, realistic, and fair. We ask them to own their mistakes and learn from them.


We encourage teamwork and foster a sense of community and solidarity inside and outside the school, from positive collaboration and healthy competition in the classroom to volunteering and community involvement, both locally and globally. We expect committed parental involvement and support, which in turn we offer to families.


We welcome students, families, and employees from all backgrounds and cultures. We respect and celebrate their identity, lifestyles, preferences, and individual differences. We expect every member of our community, both children and adults, to do the same.

Global Citizenship and International Learning

Global citizenship is a mindset that values equity, responsibility, respect, community, inclusivity, sustainability, diversity, and inspiration. It refers to a sense of identity that goes beyond geographic and cultural boundaries while contributing actively to society within a local context.

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The school was officially named Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill in 2015 to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the former British Prime Minister’s death on 24 January 1965. Its inaugural year also marked the 75th anniversary of Winston Churchill’s first becoming British Prime Minister and the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. The name was chosen in recognition of the crucial role Churchill played in the victory of the Allied forces in World War II and the 1944 Liberation of France.

The Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill opened its doors to its first group of students in September 2015.

“By naming the new French international lycée after Winston Churchill today, 50 years after his death, we remember the immensely important role he played in France’s past and make his memory present in our country’s future. We hope our new students joining will feel inspired by the legacy of this great historical figure.” — Arnaud Vaissié, Chair of the Board of Governors


The Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill is an independent school set up by the French Education Charitable Trust (FECT). It joins the growing worldwide network of the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE), a government entity overseen by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development. The AEFE’s network today numbers 494 educational establishments in 135 countries. Around 330,000 students are educated in these schools, with French nationals making up 40% of the student body and the remaining 60% originating from other countries.

In 2019, the Lycée Winston Churchill also started offering the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.